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vTap Windows Mobile source code

Veveo has released the source code for the windows mobile client application. This is great because it gives you a way to fine tune our app to suit your needs. You can sign up for the developer program here to receive updates from Veveo. Get the source here.

vTap is dope!” - Phenomenal Feedback

Post-launch is a very exciting time. Listening to users and incorporating feedback into the product has been our primary activity for two weeks now. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it quite clear that we have a winning technology on our hands. Bug reports have been pouring in as expected ...

vTap launched!

After months of tinkering away, we have finally launched VTap - A ground breaking mobile search engine for videos. It’s been a very exciting time for all us from Veveo, especially the past few days. The joy of launching the product and watching people play around is simply inexpressible!

Video ...

Word arithmetic puzzle generator

I was digging through some old code of mine when I came across this script. To me, this script was a demonstration of the beauty and elegance of the python language.

You might have come across a puzzle like this: AID + ICED = IDEA. What digits would you assign to the ...

Drawing on your Desktop

This is related to the previous post and is meant in part to demonstrate how great Linux is for doing “weird” stuff :). This is what we are trying to do.

desktop circle

The circles in the background have been ...

Matrix Desktop

Matrix Desktop

What you see above is how my desktop looks now. You need to be using gnome to get this working.

Nautilus draws the desktop (including the icons) for you in gnome by default. We have to tell ...

Computer woes

I did a very very stupid thing day before yesterday. My primary partition on which I had Windows installed ran out of space (although I allocated 5GB !) and I had to resize the partition. I used Partition Magic only to find out on rebooting that it screwed up my partition ...

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