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vTap launched!

After months of tinkering away, we have finally launched VTap - A ground breaking mobile search engine for videos. It’s been a very exciting time for all us from Veveo, especially the past few days. The joy of launching the product and watching people play around is simply inexpressible!

Video has become the hot new thing over the past few years. Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Myspace, Google Video had been jostling for maximum space in the video arena for the PC. However, the experience on mobile phones has been lacking. The closest somebody before Veveo had come to solve it was Youtube on the iPhone. Even this falls short because the videos have to be encoded to H.264 and Youtube has only transitioned a couple of thousand videos to this.

The problem with this is that someone else chooses which videos are best for you and compiles a collection for you. That’s like a search engine compiling a small collection of web pages available online for you as compared to Google letting you search a huge index. Another issue on mobile phones is that entering text is a pain in the ass :)

Also most mobile phones dont play Flash videos. This means Youtube goes right out of the window. If you want to access any web video available on the Internet from the mobile then your phone has to contend with Quicktime, RealMedia, WindowMedia and a myriad other video formats.

Here is where we come in,

* Gigantic video index (several tens of millions) and growing rapidly
* Incremental, Hierarchical search
* Format conversion (Transcoding)

VTap’s crawler has indexed a majority of videos online and I should say is quite comprehensive. You name it, we got it. Since it is such a pain entering text into the mobile, VTap searches as you type - letter by letter. For most searches, you won’t have to complete the words. I could search for “Hotel california” by typing in “ho ca” and got it as the first result! When you want to watch a youtube video (which is Flash), VTap transcodes the video on-the-fly and serves it out in the format the your phone can play.

VTap Incremental
Search for a Hotel California video

VTap Home page
The home screen of the widget shows latest news stories which are constantly updated.

VTap Windows Mobile
VTap Windows Mobile
Windows mobile client. I worked on the player and play list management :)

VTap iPhone
Ajax app for the iPhone

We currently support Windows Mobile and iPhone. Java and more are in the works. Until the support comes to your mobile, you can get the feel here.

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Please do check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it, call your friends over too!

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