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vTap is dope!” - Phenomenal Feedback

Post-launch is a very exciting time. Listening to users and incorporating feedback into the product has been our primary activity for two weeks now. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it quite clear that we have a winning technology on our hands. Bug reports have been pouring in as expected and what has surprised me is how fast we have been reacting to these. The credit goes not only to Veveo’s management and of course to us devs’s :) but also to the thousands of beta testing users around the world. Thank you very much people for your valuable feedback and do keep it coming. If you got an itch, we will scratch it for you :)

If you still haven’t seen our product, check it out here.

To give you a taste of how the feedback has been, I’ve pasted below excerpts from around the web.

This is a killer app for your cell phone or iPhone - Robert Scoble

Vtap returns outstanding results - Rafe Needleman

It does an impressive job of delivering video clips that are closer to my desires than the big two Web engines (referring to Google and Yahoo!) - Steve Smith

vTap really looks like it could become a must-have app for video search and playback on mobiles - PatrickJ

vTap is dope. It is one of the best apps out there, even in its beta stage. My wife even enjoyed playing with it, and she is the most technically challenged person I know (besides my mother in law) - sharpdude

I have played with vTap and yeah it’s pretty cool - zbop

This is one of the greatest WM apps I have used - FragMeister

I love this player like i love your mom — long time! This player is smoother than silk, blockbuster movie of the week style….and of course, monday night football!_!_!_!_!_!_! - JoHnNyLaVaH

Somehow, vTap has ramped up search engine indexing to warp speed - Unknown

Does anyone know if there’s a catch somewhere? It’s almost too good to be true - fards

This is cool … Type in “kitten” and it shows in nanoseconds all the relative stuff about kittens. Really fast, as from software point and in downloading videos. Seems to have gazillion video sites. Plays videos really smooth. - Demens

vTap videos may have just started a new video revolution with a portal like setup on your mobile devices for all the major video web sites, which has all the online videos of news weather and sports that have taken place in the past 24hrs and more. You name the subject and vTap has a video on that subject, amazing technology to have on the homepage of your mobile device. … like having a Satellite TV Dish on your smartphone/PPc device …

(vTap) videos is the most powerful video program for all smartphones and pocketPc devices to hit the market to date. There is no other video program for mobile devices that can surpass its ability to connect you to current events at light speed, (very fast). This video program can only get better………….!

the superior product to all other video program/applications. Think about it, you can have (vTap) videos on your today’s homepage screen of your mobile device, one click action with instant connections to just about all the videos on the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW.). Another thing I like about (vTap) videos, the connection speed is awesome, with (vTap) videos and global TV, all on one mobile device is mind blowing… - Technology

It really is an amazing product. I found that while searching, if you see a folder — It’s all the videos for a site, like ‘MSN’ — that folder gets you a list of all the MSNBC videos. Same for YouTube — that folder gets you to YouTube vids. Once in a folder, your searching is done for that site. vTap just ‘knew’ [what I was looking for]. Amazing stuff. I saw a video interview of the creator of vTap, in it he mentioned making the searching transparent and easy for the user, that they do a lot behind the scenes to make it all simple, easy to use — yet powerful. They got it right! vTap is >>>a lot\<\<\< more enjoyable, useful, and addicting than YouTube alone. - chaznet

I think this is the coolest app . I makes my iPhone all the better - renee7353

Wow, very nice, love how it shows all videos, organizes some into videos, shows all video sites, etc and is VERY fast in both displaying videos and information as well as buffering and showing the actual video - BBowermaster

wow, I’m kinda impressed with this, it does pretty much what it claims. Video is smooth and clear as well … I hope they continue to tweak this app a bit, i’m blown away by it’s potential. I love the inclusion of wiki search, and the context sensitive typing. - nautica2450

have this installed on my treo and it works great. i have to say this is a fairly phenomenal little program. i wonder what tab they’ll add next - jmodica1

It’s a really sweet app, and just made my “must have” list for installs. I like how if you do a site search and type in something that has mutliple episodes like Family Guy a whole folder comes up..pretty sweet - scotbotmosh

Great little program! Now I can easily see the youtube videos that are “Must see” by friends wherever I am… Very cool little prog, and I like the Wiki search too incase I need info on the quick. - AFAngryWarrior

Wow! I just downloaded and installed this little gem. Well, not so little but still a gem. For the PPC-6700, it’s definitely the best solution yet. YouTube and other links appear to be flawless and very stable. Buffering is automatically fast enough even in my fringe EVDO area. - WanderingMinstrel

the Wikipedia search is outstanding! - jamesus

I LOVE THIS AP! This is what a converged device needs! - nuguy

Now this is pretty cool! … It turns your device into an ultra powerful interface to Wikipedia. It’s fast and video plays smooth. - lukeap69

This is by far the best web video solution out. It searches all kinds of sites not just youtube - blazemanner

People, it works. This is the best YouTube solution for the Blackjack I’ve ever seen, and it’s free. Videos take less than 10 seconds to load and those I’ve played thus far play flawlessly. vTap is the real deal and works as advertised. I don’t think I’ll ever have to rely on TCPMP or Blueapple again. I’m a very happy vTapper! - ahearst

I wanted to bring to the forefront a cool new tool,, that allows for video search on mobile handhelds (specifically iphones and window media based cell phones). With Veveo’s vTap, mobile users (especially me) can finally get to the full universe of Web videos (user generated content, sports clips, news stories, cult classic, etc) … I think this is a great sidekick to help with my research, curiosity, and entertainment. - fongfooey3

[vTap is] an absolutely excellent application … It works perfectly and does exactly what it says on the tin … this one definitely goes onto our “must download” list … It’s a great interface into Wikipedia and a brilliant way to search through online video sites and watch the vids too … will let you search and then view YouTube videos, Google videos, MSN videos, MySpace videos and much much more. The quality of the video can be adjusted and it’ll even give you a preview shot and description of the video before you download it! … Top stuff. - Unknown

The search was quite accurate & responsive and I was able to play videos from various sources like YouTube, DailyMotion and Metacafe. Veveo’s vTap will definitely be one of the iPhone applications that will be favorites list when I get my hands on the iPhone. - Unknown

I think vTap is the best video/You Tube player for the Samsung Blackjack I’ve ever seen. It’s a search engine and video clip player all in one. I came away very impressed after initial use and I highly recommend it. It blows TCPMP and Blueapple out of the water; in fact I may keep my Blackjack longer than I thought I would as a result of using vTap. I had every intention of picking up a 3G Apple iPhone upon its release next year but with vTap I can put an iPhone purchase on hold for now. - ahearst

Some videos have popped up demonstrating vTap:

Scoble Interview: VTap brings innovative video search to cell phones. [MP4] [WMV]

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