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Wordza - A Smart Word Quizzer

I’d thought of making a word quizzer as a web application to improve my vocabulary when I took the GRE test a couple of years back. I’d written one in Visual Basic 6 when I wrote SAT :), but desktop applications are boring!

I got inspired to bring my long standing idea to fruition and the outcome is Wordza.


Wordza is a smart word quizzing service designed to help you rapidly learn new words. It adapts to your level and continually challenges you to get better. Preparing for GRE/SAT/CAT? Use Wordza 15 minutes a day.

Questions have difficulty ratings ranging between 1 and 100. The ratings are derived from user activity. A question is easy if a lot of people get it right and difficult when very few do!

You start at difficulty level 50. If you get three questions right in a row, you drive up the difficulty level a notch. On the other hand, answering a question wrong will reduce the difficulty level by one.


If you are interested in the implementation … I used Python, MySQL behind Apache to get this up. When I started making it, I wanted to keep it simple and make it work fast. I hope I’ve met both these requirements. Do give it a try and let me know what you think.

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