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My Dual Monitor Setup

Greetings webizen, I tried hard to get back to my blogging schedule but my laziness got the better of me. I am back truly with a new batch of posts which I will publish over the next few days.

Recently, I went to Veveo’s main office near Boston, USA and had the privilege of experiencing a finger freezing winter! (Not to mention a three day power-cut which I spent under multiple layers of blankets).

A few weeks before I was going to return to India, I started shopping. One of things I bought was a Refurbished NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ by EVGA. It was the best deal I could find on NewEgg in terms of value for money. I bought it primarily to have a betterr experience when flying over Paris … in Google Earth.

This is the first graphics card I bought ever and was very excited when I received it. I was surprised to see how big graphics cards have become nowadays (compared to S3 cards of the decade gone past). While oggling at the card I noticed that it had two video outputs. I had heard of dual-head setups but always considered them a distant reality considering my cash-strappedness as a college student. This sparked off more info

an urge to finally setup my own Dual monitor setup back in Bangalore.

I got back to India and promptly headed to SP Road in Bangalore. After some asking around, I figured that the best choice at the moment was two Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW’s each capable of 1920x1080 (Yes, HD). I bought both for about 22,000 Rupees (about USD 420).

I set them up in Linux and upgraded to the latest (at the time) Nvidia drivers (180.x). I spent a few hours trying to hide a satisfied smile lest people thing I had gone nuts.

Dual monitors give you more screen space to work with. They will help you reduce Window-Switching and Workspace-Switching which does save time as I have observed. Now that I have experience the dual-head setup, I am never going back to using a single monitor. It is painful ;) So much did I feel this that I bought a low-end Nvidia GeForce card (7200) with dual-head support and stuck it into my computer at work :)

If you do not already have a dual-head setup, definitely consider an upgrade. You are worth it:)

Go to flickr set for this

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