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DreamHost: My wonderful web host

I was hosted with “routhost” until April this year when I decided I needed more features like SSH access, build environment so I would be able to download and compile applications and most of all more disk space. After much hunting around I discovered DreamHost. The feature list is astounding. Here are a few to give you an idea

  • 220 GB disk space and grows by 2GB every week
  • 2TB bandwidth per month and grows by 16GB every week
  • SSH access
  • Build environment, gcc
  • Python, Perl, PHP
  • Unlimited mysql databases and tables
  • Free domain registration
  • Can host unlimited domains and sub-domains
  • Crontab
  • Subversion!
  • One click installs (I installed WordPress this way)

These were the features when I got my account. However DreamHost is celebrating their 10th anniversary and starting disk space is 500GB and starting bandwidth per month is 5TB! For all this you pay \$9.95 per month!

I was very wary as all this seemed too good to be true. After some googling I found that a lot of people liked DreamHost and the support is excellent (both from the community and the company itself).

DreamHost did have growing pains and had a major outage last year and I did notice that my site was inaccessible a couple of times for a duration of 2-5 minutes. Also the load average on the machine I was hosted, touareg, was 35 - 40. However, things have been improving. The load average is down to 10 and I have seen that during extended periods of time it even drops down to the 2 - 3 range. The server are pretty good too. AMD Opterons with 4GB of RAM.

You can even do some minimal back-end processing without too much hassle. I’ve noticed that processes which take less than around 88MB are allowed to stick around while those over are killed promptly.

If you are looking for a good host with tons of features, you need look no further. You can thank me for good advice by specifying me as the referrer when you sign-up. DreamHost has a referral program and I just might get referred enough times to cover my hosting fee! This works for you too after you register.

Get an account with DreamHost here

And don’t forget to use this promo code which will save \$80 when you sign up.
Promo code : PRASH80

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