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All your aliases are belong to you

I like setting up shortcuts to frequently used commands whether I used Windows or Linux. I use the terminal often and create shortcuts to frequently used commands using “alias” feature of BASH. This has saved me considerable time in the past. However, I recently felt that if I could have ...

Command-line language translation

Here is a simple utility created using Python for translating text from various languages into English. It uses the Google AJAX API to do this.


prashanth@prashanth-desktop:~$ translate bonjour
prashanth@prashanth-desktop:~$ translate guten morgen
Good morning


#!/usr/bin/env python
Translates text into english using Google Translate ...

Clustering Data using Python

As a part of a project I am working on, I had to cluster urls on a page. After some light googling I found, python-cluster. You can find below a simple python script to illustrate the usage of python-cluster library.


import pprint
from difflib import SequenceMatcher

# http://python-cluster.sourceforge ...

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