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Even a python can be abused


The first programming language I coded in is QuickBasic. I loved the simplicity and especially the IDE. It made things simple for a starter. Later I discovered Visual Basic which extended the same simplicity and added the “Visual ...

Nose - TDD - Python

What, why

I’ve been reading up on TDD and it has struck me as particularly useful methodology to achieve “clean code that works”. TDD encourages writing unit tests to cover all the code (because by definition, you write a test before a line of code is written). Because all ...

Interfacing Python with C using ctypes

Python is a wonderful “very high level” language with an elegant design. It is an ultimate tool to rapidly develop applications. However, when it comes to performance (speed and memory), Python sucks. It is not meant for performance. So what do you do after building a quick prototype in python ...

Topic extraction using Wikipedia data

decorative graph

In an earlier article, I mentioned that I was trying to use Wikipedia data to do news article clustering to make it easy for me follow news feeds. I have made some progress. I’ve written an ...

Language People - Interesting picture

language people

I like the representation for Logo, Machine Language, Prolog and Ada. Wonder what “N.W” is… (the Modula-2 guy is holding it). I wish python was featured too :) but the picture says “‘85”. Python did not even ...

Ways to process and use Wikipedia dumps   Wikipedia is a superb resource for reference (taken with a pinch of salt of course). I spend hours at a time spidering through its pages and always come away amazed at how much information it hosts. In my opinion this ranks amongst the defining milestones of mankind’s advancement.

Apart ...

vTap Windows Mobile source code

Veveo has released the source code for the windows mobile client application. This is great because it gives you a way to fine tune our app to suit your needs. You can sign up for the developer program here to receive updates from Veveo. Get the source here.

Word arithmetic puzzle generator

I was digging through some old code of mine when I came across this script. To me, this script was a demonstration of the beauty and elegance of the python language.

You might have come across a puzzle like this: AID + ICED = IDEA. What digits would you assign to the ...

Drawing on your Desktop

This is related to the previous post and is meant in part to demonstrate how great Linux is for doing “weird” stuff :). This is what we are trying to do.

desktop circle

The circles in the background have been ...

Matrix Desktop

Matrix Desktop

What you see above is how my desktop looks now. You need to be using gnome to get this working.

Nautilus draws the desktop (including the icons) for you in gnome by default. We have to tell ...

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