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XMonad: A Window Manager for “real” people :)

XMonad in Gnome I have been a happy Gnome user for many years now and only recently started thinking about switching to KDE 4.2 when Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) comes out. However, it so happened that I bought two new widescreen monitors and setup a dual-monitor environment. This is when I ...

Making Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) look slicker

It has been three weeks since I upgraded to Gutsy from the development repositories. Gutsy got released just a little more than a day back. While going through the news from the blogosphere about this event, I wished Ubuntu had released a “non-brown” desktop. I don’t like brown and ...

Drawing on your Desktop

This is related to the previous post and is meant in part to demonstrate how great Linux is for doing “weird” stuff :). This is what we are trying to do.

desktop circle

The circles in the background have been ...

Matrix Desktop

Matrix Desktop

What you see above is how my desktop looks now. You need to be using gnome to get this working.

Nautilus draws the desktop (including the icons) for you in gnome by default. We have to tell ...

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