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Query Wikipedia from your terminal Comments Off

I refer Wikipedia frequently. I use this BASH function to help me do that from the terminal. For explanation of how this works head over here. BASH function # wiki # eg: wiki India # wiki Apple_Inc # wiki Anglo_Saxon wiki() { dig +short txt $1.wp.dg.cx } Example usage prashanth@prashanth-desktop:~$ wiki India “India, officially the [...]

Interfacing Python with C using ctypes 10

Python is a wonderful “very high level” language with an elegant design. It is an ultimate tool to rapidly develop applications. However, when it comes to performance (speed and memory), Python sucks. It is not meant for performance. So what do you do after building a quick prototype in python if you want it to [...]

Generating call graphs for understanding and refactoring python code 13

I have always been a fan of visualizations as I believe firmly that it is easier to crunch visual information than anything else. Visualizations are especially helpful for finding out patterns in data that are not expected and for patterns that are difficult to express textually in a concise manner. The beast A couple of [...]