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Interfacing Python with C using ctypes

Python is a wonderful “very high level” language with an elegant design. It is an ultimate tool to rapidly develop applications. However, when it comes to performance (speed and memory), Python sucks. It is not meant for performance. So what do you do after building a quick prototype in python ...

Language People - Interesting picture

language people

I like the representation for Logo, Machine Language, Prolog and Ada. Wonder what “N.W” is… (the Modula-2 guy is holding it). I wish python was featured too :) but the picture says “‘85”. Python did not even ...

Ways to process and use Wikipedia dumps   Wikipedia is a superb resource for reference (taken with a pinch of salt of course). I spend hours at a time spidering through its pages and always come away amazed at how much information it hosts. In my opinion this ranks amongst the defining milestones of mankind’s advancement.

Apart ...

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